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What sets you apart? Is it your hair? Your unique laugh? The spinach in your teeth? How does your prospect remember you and your company from the 30 other meetings with potential suppliers they had last week? The truth is no matter how memorable you are, you will be that much more memorable if you leave something for them to remember you by. Promotional products have been proven time and time again to be the most cost effective way to promote your business. They are cheaper per cost of impression than radio, print, TV or billboards and are almost exclusive in their ability to be in the right place at the right time when a customer is making a decision. In fact, they may be writing that decision down with the very promotional product you gave them!

Like all forms of advertising, promotional products must be selected carefully, taking into account demographics of your target market, appropriateness of a gift, company policies, and many other factors. For some companies, there is nothing better than a branded pen, mug or t shirt. For others, something nicer like a promotional bag, or a golf gift is more appropriate.

Promotional products are not only good for maintaining relationships as above, but also forging new relationships. Everyone loves free stuff, just walk around any trade show and see the bags and bags of product that people walk out with. However, you have to be careful to maximize your return on investment in situations like these. An inexpensive giveaway for everyone, followed by a more targeted item for qualified prospects is always a successful strategy. Take it one step further and give them half the item at the show, and the other half at when they set up a meeting and you will accomplish more than you ever could without them.

Competition these days is fierce. One way you can set yourself apart is by targeting your prospects with great promotional giveaways. Think about your sales reps. They can be the best in the world, but if they have something to leave behind to help the customer remember how great they are, is priceless. Sales is a relationship business, and people are more inclined to enter into relationships with companies and brands they are familiar with and there is no better way to make them familiar than giving them something with your logo and message on it.

Relationships are key. Don’t forget that customer who has been loyal to you all those years. They need appreciation too because believe me, your competition is knocking on their door every single day! Think hard about what you can give them. Everyone has a birthday. When is theirs? What about an anniversary of when you started doing business together? Their significant other probably can’t even remember their anniversary, so this will really set you apart! What are their interests? Do they play poker, like movies, or enjoy cooking? There are plenty of promotional products to cater to even the most discriminating of tastes. We’ll help find the one for you!

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